SAMPLE challengeS

Are you up for A challenge? Try out the sample challenges below!

App Smash Challenge: Addition & Subtraction of Fractions

Addition & Subtraction of Fractions - This challenge was designed to accompany a 5th grade instructional unit on the addition and subtraction of fractions, addressing learning targets aligned to CCSS.5.NF.1 and CCSS.5.NF.2.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to publishing restrictions for the students that participated in the original live version of this challenge, this sample version of the challenge has been modified to remove students' work and reflections, but can still be accessed and "played" by the public for the sake of sampling the challenge. However, please note that the "Practice Skills" spots on the game board link to a specific website with access restricted to the original students that the challenge was designed for. (You can skip those spots, and move on through the challenge!)

App Smash Challenge: Exploring ISTE and the Standards

Exploring ISTE and the Standards - This challenge was designed as a sample App Smash Challenge to introduce other educators to the challenge concept as they "play" from the learners' perspective. This game focuses on the ISTE Standards for Students and Educators as well as an exploration into some of the resources ISTE provides to support educators. You are hereby challenged to give this one a whirl!